The Worm Moon is the name of the full moon in March. In case you missed it, it was shining bright last night. It signals the end of winter (or the start of Spring) denoted by a thawing ground and the emergence of earthworms from the warm soil. It goes by a few other names depending on regional symbolism. Sap, Crow, Crust, and Sugar to name a few ¹.

I’ve recently developed a fascination with the Moon — the likely convergence of a growing interest in astronomy and the recent TV series For All Mankind.

So, last night I took to my backyard to capture the Moon with my telescope and camera.

Here’s how some of the shots turned out:

Look to the sky tonight as the Moon reaches perigee—the point in orbit with the closest proximity to Earth. This will happen on March 30th, 2:13 AM EDT. Happy sky watching!

Maker, magician, marathoner. @medium

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