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Matt Herzog

It takes the Moon 27.322 days to orbit the Earth. That pans out to be about 13 times a year and roughly … checks watch … 502 times since the day I was born.

The Moon doesn’t travel in a uniform path relative to Earth with each orbit. Its elliptical path will bring the Moon as close as 221,702 miles to Earth and as far as 252,595 miles from it this year.

When the Moon is at its closest to Earth in a given orbit it’s at perigee. …

The Worm Moon is the name of the full moon in March. In case you missed it, it was shining bright last night. It signals the end of winter (or the start of Spring) denoted by a thawing ground and the emergence of earthworms from the warm soil. It goes by a few other names depending on regional symbolism. Sap, Crow, Crust, and Sugar to name a few ¹.

I’ve recently developed a fascination with the Moon — the likely convergence of a growing interest in astronomy and the recent TV series For All Mankind.

So, last night I took…

Matt Herzog

Maker, magician, marathoner. @medium

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